(VIDEO) Viral! Heroic message Kingdom Crown Sekala Bkhak in English Maintain Integrity of Homeland

radarcom.id – Soul patriotism flared up and knit spirit sovereignty of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia expressed an origin of the millennial generation Lampung Province to the world scene. Through a video message in English fluently, Alprinse Pernong Shah, the crown prince of the kingdom Sekala Bkhak Kepaksian Pernong indigenous Lampung, provide insight into the culture on Earth Lampung, particularly kingdom Sekala Bkhak and attitude maintaining integrity of the Republic.

In the video, who is the son of Prince Sultan Alprinse Sekala Brak Ke Yang Di-Pertuan 23 Saibatin Puniakan Royal Highness Prince Edward Syah Dalom Pernong He was hoping the public can know about the culture world.

Prince Alprinse the following statement:

“I would like to respond to the issues that the name of a royal custom of making the mandate of the Homeland that have been sovereign, and we value is a matter that is not in point today, because they say it no longer has the right or authority over it , Homeland has been established has been firmly established since 17 August 1945, that is to say politically Homeland has been completed and the next we are part of that must be defended.

I was the grandson and son of a king and also a freedom fighter, and the issue was an insult to the heroes who have fought giving all his possessions, even giving blood and his life for the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, so as to express the phrase means has voiced attitude can divide the unity of the nation. 
A king is a cultural stakeholders that it should lead the way in safeguarding the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. Because of their predecessors also were the most forward in the struggle for the establishment of the Homeland, to unite the nation. 

I remember a general west General Collin Powell said “if you break it, you own it”, if you’ve broken them apart, then they will be yours, meaning that if we keep the unity does not then we will be destroyed. 

We were on the ground Lampung refused and stated that the takeover news that mandate can not be justified as it can be detrimental to national unity. This issue is an issue that can not be held responsible for and must be answered by the law.

Remember .. !!!! we must be loyal, faithful, and loyal to Indonesia.

President Jokowi, if you’ve been democratically elected, then I pray that you can lead this nation well, and we will be behind you. “

“Prince Alprinse Pernong”

From the statement of Prince Alprinse many messages that should be kept in mind by our use keeping the integrity of the Republic.

Therefore, the Homeland politically pernyataaan final (finish). In science and legal philosophy called Rin malig. This means that only happened one time, when the state sdh formed. So he just stepped forward and all the existing authorities are under state devices. No single authority that stands outside the responsibility of the state.

Here customary already put themselves under the authority of the country so that all forms of traditional community structures could no longer call itself is royal. This means that no state within a state.

As Kepaksian Sekala Bkhak has provided an example of what we call the Kingdom of Peoples. That is Kepaksian Paksi Pak Sekala Bkhak the reality of the social, historical and cultural reality reality still holds the power of popular legitimacy that exists in ancient kingdoms and territorial customary interaction is still running. Substitution dynasty still ongoing, but the strength of the structure by 4 Sultan in Sekala Bkhak named them as royal customs.

This means that they account cultural reality which is in fact still there to be maintained sebagau part of a social capital of society.

Prince Alprinse states he is the grandson of a freedom, his grandfather was Prince Maulana Balyan is a Pernong Kepaksian Sekala Bkhak also bermakam freedom fighters at the Heroes Cemetery Kedaton.

Even his great-Prince Alprinse also is Prince Sultan Kepaksian Pernong Suhaimi Bkhak scale is also bermakam in Bandar Lampung hero’s grave, along with two biological uncle (the younger brother of her grandfather was lying buried hero).

In addition, the more phenomenal is the great-grandfather, the father of the mother of Prince Edward Pernong is Heroes Akmal, the People’s Heroes Ranau South Sumatra. Blood so patriotic and heroic self on fire in the young prince who’s just 11 years old.

Because it is natural visible expression in his statement strongly colored by patriotic values ​​that dripped from the great-grandfather and grandfather.

One of the messages that we must ponder is the expression of a young prince on the words of an American general.

‘If you can break it, you own it’ If you can glassware them then they will be your own.

Prince messages Alprinse of us consider the words of phrases thrown the young prince of this Pernong kepaksian. Apakab all this turmoil there frenetic during Invicible hand or no hands were invisible to reconstruct it? There are hands that menggerkkan pawns in order to express the conflict, contention, strife and commotion. (rci/rci)

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